Oculus Rift meets Game of Thrones

We’re big believers in the potential of the Oculus Rift (and all VR technology for that matter), so this guy’s experience had to be shared.

Oculus Rift & Game of Thrones!

If you have ever stuck your head in a VR headset then you can imagine what an amazing combination this would be. It’s one thing to run into walls in the comfort of your own home while watching giant shapes flying past your head, but to take that experience into one of the best fantasy/adventure worlds to hit cable in years has to be brain smashingly cool!

If you haven’t encountered an Oculus yet in your travels, fret not, for we believe that it will soon take over the world! And when it does, imagine the possibilities when major studios get involved and start cranking out content which supplements your favorite movies and shows!

Until then, we’ll just sit on this side of our TVs and wait for it . . . but, hopefully we won’t have to wait long!