Oculus Rift CV1 VS DK2 – LENS VIEW

We’ve been making content for VR for almost 3 years but our passion for it go back to the 90s.  Oculus released the first two headsets to developers only. The consumer version of the project took almost 3 years to get into the public.  FINALLY after many years wait, we have the consumer version of the Oculus. (Known as CV1) Here you will see a few LENS views that compare the last development kit with the new consumer version.  This is YEAR ZERO for Virtual Realty….the beginning of a new era. Eventually these will be in every ones homes and homes will soon be built to suit VR.  Sound crazy? Look around at your current house…did the builder of your home leave a niche in the wall for a TV? Image 10 years from now.  Builders will have to think about how to “build” a living room suitable for VR.  Hooray for the future! (Boo, to no one ever leaving their house and learning social skills to interact with the real world!)


A full review will be at TrueBlue Magazine

In the meantime…check out these pics!

dk2 cv1 lens view 2 dk2 cv1 lens view dk2 vs cv1 lense view dk2 vs cv1 dk2 cv1 lens view2