Update Jan 2016 (Ok..Oculus Touch is incredible too)

We are not review writers….But every once in awhile there is something worth writing about.   The HTC VIVE is the device we are going to give our “two-cents” on.   Most of us at iDesign have seen VR go ALL the way through its paces. I personally remember falling in love with VR when I purchased a CYBERMAXX Consumer VR HMD back in the 90s.  I paid 2000 bucks for it and it still impressed me – even with it’s 640×480 resolution screen.

iDesign has been developing content for VR since Oculus DK1 (mostly in the 360 video realm).   The DK1 and DK2 are great. The Crescent Bay Prototype and the Oculus CV1 are beyond great.  The HTC Vive should NOT be placed into a VERSES battle with Oculus.  Its in the different realm all together.  If we are going off of the headset ONLY then the Vive squeaks ahead just a bit.  (Oculus still needs to fix their optics to get rid of the rays/blur on the CV1)

The Oculus simply can NOT do (currently) what the Vive can.  When you realize you can WALK around and go anywhere you want is when you realize the Vive has stepped the VR game up. Way up.


The controllers are fantastic and they are only prototypes.  The tracking is SO far beyond what I expected. The Paint Demo they show you immediately makes you realize that you would be happy doing this simple demo for hours.  The Kitchen Demo was good but it became GREAT when I screwed up.  I opened the fridge, picked up a can of soup and then I accidentally dropped it and it rolled under the table.  The HTC Vive rep said “you can pick that up if you want.”  I was like…”say what?!  I got down to knee level and went under a table to fetch a can of soup and picked it back up.   Just amazing.   With an Oculus Touch controller this would not be possible do to the sensor.


The headset is light and the screen looks great.  Is there a screendoor effect? A small one.  I would still say the HTC Vive has a head up on Oculus CV1 because its optics do not produce the “light ray” effect.  (For those of you that have tried Oculus Crescent Bay and CV1 you likely know what I am speaking of.)


VR is coming. 5-10 years from now I do not believe people will have “Family Rooms” with TVs in them.  Future home builders will likely build homes with VR in mind and people will have VR Rooms instead of family rooms.  That may sound insane but look at you current home living room…is there a indentation in the wall for a tv? Most likely. The HTC Vive has provided the best feeling of presence.  Oculus is still amazing but once you CAN walk and go anywhere you want in VR – that is when you realize that THIS is the true way it needs to be experienced.   We are looking forward to developing for the Oculus CV1 but we are extremely eager to develop for the Vive!


I would like to personally thank Adam at HTC for letting me experience the Vive.  We went to the show for SOLE purpose of just seeing the Vive.  Sadly, all the spot were filled up. (and we even got there early and sat outside for hours in line).   I left Adam my number and he said he would call if there was something he could do.  10 minutes later he called and got me in.  Thanks Adam!