Who invented the word “blog” anyway?!

Hacked Websites Suck.

Our last website got hacked. So…we built another one and fast.  So, you may ask… how can your website get hacked if you are in the business of building websites?  Well, it does not matter how good you are at building sites. Your site...

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Reality show for iDesign. Yep.

More news to come!  Imaging the tv show Bar Rescue or something similar except with design.  Provide the company with a physical and digital make over and then show the transformation process!  It will be good stuff!   The press release and advertisements will...

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iDesign @ CES 2015

Was a great year for CES!  According to what a lot of people are saying – it was the best CES in the last decade! For us, it was the best CES in the last deacade but that is mostly because of our passion for...

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