A Lil’ History

We are a team of motivated and highly skilled artists, marketeers, and internet specialists who have decades of marketing experience.  iDesign was founded by Michael Schoeneman in 2010.  His roots of creativity started at Dreamworks as an animator/director. He then started creating the interiors of many casinos and themed attractions around the world.

The team at iDesign believe that every great idea should start with a pencil. We put pencil to paper and craft out the best look and overall direction of your project, working with you every step of the way. This is what sets iDesign Vegas apart from the other companies working today.

iDesign is a strategic partner of Yokel Local Marketing. The combination of the two companies resources together make up one super team or marketeers which make us capable of outperforming  the competition.

Got Personality?

Yes! We do. We are a group of enthusiastic and sometimes silly individuals who love taking companies to the next level.  Do we like long walks on the beach and wine at sunset? Sure… but we also like virtual reality and the occasional monster taco from Jack-in-the-Box.

Did you just say Virtual Reality?

Yup! Interested in what we are doing with VR? I would suggest you ask us or better yet… come take a demo.  Explaining it would take up too much of this page (and likely ruin our Google keyword analytics!) 🙂

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